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Miri Zuskin


My name is Miri Zuskin. I was born in Israel at December 16, 2000. I live in Canada since August 15, 2005. I like reading, writing, painting and to make a montage for my favorite songs.

I did my first montage on Mar 6, 2011.

A Warriors Music Video I've been working hard on (There are SO many Bluestar pictures, but very, very few pictures of Bluestar in the rain...) It's my first Warriors Music Video I've EVER made, and its made for the best Warrior EVER!!!!!! Although she did go crazy in the last few books of the first series... ANYWAYS, I own nothing except for a picture at 2:45. Warriors (C) Erin Hunter. Stand in the Rain (C) Superchic. All the pictures (except for the one at 2:45) (C) Who ever drew it. Please don't bug me saying that some pictures aren't Bluestar, I was very desperate to finish this, so i put some Jayfeather and Ashfur pictures...

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